Miracle Ancient Sex Shake instantly Reverses Erectile Dysfunction.

Look at this frail 82 year Japanese old man, suffering from liver spots, dewlap and he even has a grey-fringed bald spot…

You’d think the last time he had an erection was back in 1982 right?

Well, what if I told you that this old guy actually gets more ass than a toilet seat…

In fact, he actually gets paid to fuck hot, young, sexy and juicy 20 year olds all the time.

How is this possible you might ask?


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Yes, this old perverted looking Japanese man is actually a living Sex God.

His name is Shigeo Tokuda, and at 82 years old he is one of Japan’s most notorious pornstars having been in more than 400 adult movies…

In fact, he’s officially the world’s oldest pornstar!

Here’s just a small some of his actual DVD titles.

I can’t show you all of them, because he’s literally in too many porno movies and I don’t have that much toilet paper…

But trust me when I tell you this…

At 82 years of age Shigeo Tokuda gets paid to fuck hot young girls, because he uses an all-natural ancient Japanese sex shake formula that gets him erect at will…

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My name’s Ronald Richards, and erectile dysfunction (ED) nearly killed me.

I know it might sound over dramatic, but trust me, ED nearly cost me my marriage, my kids, my family, my health and almost my life…

I’ll tell you about my shocking and embarrassing story in a moment.

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By the way, we have already received cease and desist letters from Big Pharma and they are threatening to take this website and our servers down.

The reason is simple. They know this all natural solution works better than Viagra and Cialis because it has zero side effects.

This is unlike conventional dick pills where you are forced to have a huge and often painful erection for hours on end…

Viagra and Cialis come of come with side effects such as headaches, nostril problems and a desensitized penis. So even though in theory you can finally get it up, you can’t actually enjoy the benefits of your boner

This doesn’t happen when you use my method.

Using this, you only get erect when you desire with no negative side effects.

I don’t know if you know this, but the ED industry is a multibillion dollar empire. So obviously these giant pharmaceutical companies want to shut down any competitor that provides a permanent and all natural cure to reverse ED…

That is why this website may go down at any moment.

Who knows, tomorrow it might just suddenly disappear.

So I once again ask you to block out all distractions and give me your undivided attention.

Let me share with you my very own humiliating yet true story.

I’m only sharing this with you because I know you won’t judge me as a fellow ED sufferer and only we know this pain.

They say that you never know what you have until its gone.

That was definitely me when I was a teenager.

I can remember back in the day; I was waking up with morning wood so stiff that I’d have to stand over the top of the toilet with one hand stretched over with legs wide apart “superman” style to pee into the bowl.

And then during class for no apparent reason I’d get another erection. This was really embarrassing because it’d appear at all the wrong times.

It’s kinda funny to think about it, but when I was 14 time, I actually wished those raging boners would permanently stop…

Until years later, now in my mid-forties, I was actually desperate and would give ANYTHING to have erections like that once more.

Fast forward a few years, I was married to the love of my life Kiko. I met her when I first moved to Japan almost 20 years ago.

I remember back then; we’d had the kind of sex life that you would only see in porn movies.

I was hooked by Kiko was because she was sexually adventurous and also bisexual.

I thought I was the luckiest man alive.

And for a few years. I was.

Kiko and I got married and I brought her back from Japan.

However, as time progressed, slowly but surely it was getting harder and harder for me to get an erection.

Or when I was able to get it hard, it wasn’t stiff enough as it once was.

Kiko kept asking me what was wrong and I always had to come up with an excuse.

I told her it was stress from my high paying programming job.

Or it was my unhealthy eating habits.

We went from having sex from every day…

To a few times a week…

To less than a few times a month…

Finally, we were not having sex at all.

Kiko was getting severely worried.

And one day, she wanted to surprise me with what should have been the night of my life.

Kiko actually paid for a high end prostitute to have a threesome with us.

Picture this, I had two gorgeous women dressed in skin tight sexy lingerie.

One was kissing me and the other was fondling me down there…

And after 25 minutes they were still there frantically stroking my now shrunken and dried-up penis…

I felt ashamed and embarrassed beyond belief.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture the dirtiest and kinkiest porn scenes I could…

But nothing worked…

The girls pulled out all the tricks they could muster.

But the more they tried, the sorrier and smaller my dick became.

Until finally, after 1 hour and 30 minutes of shriveled embarrassment I actually asked them to stop.

The girls looked at each other, sighed then got up to get dressed.

As she turned away, I saw the look on Kiko’s face that a husband will never forget.

The complete look of revulsion and disgust.

Now trust me, as sickened as she was with me…

I was feeling a million times worse!

I mean, I literally couldn’t get it up for a threesome with two gorgeous women just begging for me to put it inside them!

How freaking sad was that?

So after that experience as you can imagine, I avoided having sex even more.

In fact, there were times when Kiko would start pulling out sex toys and pleasuring herself beside me…

Then start rubbing my crotch…

I’d have to roll around and pretend that I wasn’t in the mood.

Heck, it got to the point that I actually started faking medical conditions and asking to sleep in the other room…

Basically I was looking for any reason to escape having sex with my wife.

Now you might be wondering what causes ED and how do you get rid of it?

According to the American Medical Journal, erectile dysfunction is a very common occurrence.

In fact, over 86% of men above the age of 40 will suffer from ED in one form of another.

ED is actually common for men of all ages and you don’t have to be above a certain age to get it.

Symptoms of ED include the inability to get hard or maintain a solid erection.

Others include premature ejaculation or having erections softer than before.

Or if you need to constantly watch porn in order to get hard, then you also have ED.

So what exactly happens to your anatomy when you suffer from ED?

Well basically, it means that your body is unable to increase blood circulation to the vessels surrounding your penis in order for it to expand into an erection.

This is caused by a variety of factors some of which include lifestyle habits, work induced stress and your diet.

So I decided to make an active change in my life.

First, I asked my brother Frank if he was experiencing anything like this to see if we had any family history.

His answer was “I get a stiffy everyday, it’s because I eat healthy”.

So after Googling foods that were good for erections. I was taking garlic pills, dark chocolate, Ginseng, and other roots, fruits, and weirds herbs that were supposed to treat ED…

Next I gave up my drinking habits and completely stopped smoking cold turkey.

After a few weeks, I had an appointment with a urologist who did the standard tests on me and concluded that I didn’t have any visible abnormalities.

He then gave me a prescription for Cialis.

This hurt my ego because taking Cialis felt like I was “cheating” on my wife Kiko.

But out of desperation in a bid to save my marriage I gave it a shot.

Now don’t get me wrong, Cialis worked just as advertised.

In fact, it worked too well.

A few minutes after popping the pill my penis was so hard it started to swell up, followed by painful headaches and severe nasal congestion.

Next I tried using Viagra and then tried yet another ED drug…

But each and every time my body was having severe negative reactions to the side effects.

What’s worse was that even though these drugs made my penis as stiff as steel, it also made me completely desensitized.

Using those pills, I’d be able to have painful and non-pleasurable sexual marathons for hours…

Soon it became obvious to my wife that my sudden sexual prowess come from dick pills.

This further put strains on our marriage.

We started to argue a lot more about silly things.

Kiko became insecure about our relationship and worried I was no longer attracted to her.

It has been weeks since I last made love to Kiko.

She was beginning to suspect that I was seeing another woman.

Because I was making excuses to stay back at the office more and more…

This whole ED thing was slowly destroying every aspect of my life.

I actually received a few warnings from the feminist HR department as my workstation was flagged several times for visiting inappropriate websites at work.

So the only time I could research about my problem was in the privacy of my own home when Kiko wasn’t around.

But this only made things worse, because it looked like I had something to hide.

Each time my wife she would walk into the room I would frantically close the laptop lid…

I didn’t want her to see that I was spending so much time obsessing about erections.

Eventually things got so bad that my marriage was being torn apart.

Due to my suspicious behavior, Kiko suspected I was seeing another woman at work, thus causing more fights and arguments.

The only person at this that truly understood my situation was my older brother Frank.

And he told me that a bit of recreational cocaine would be a great help…

I was becoming more and more miserable and in a desperate attempt to save my marriage I booked a special romantic for my wife and I.

Frank told me that if I combined cocaine with Viagra, in theory I would be able to get the benefits of Viagra without the headaches and nasal congestion.

Although this wasn’t the best solution, I really wanted to save my marriage.

And that’s how I ended up waking up in hospital with my wife, Kiko and my brother Frank, at my bedside.

I heard my doctor saying:

“Viagra’s effect is that it opens the veins and capillaries, so if you’re using other drugs or alcohol that lowers your blood pressure and influence how your heart works, it’s a real problem. With cocaine it raises your heart rate and that can be a very deadly combo.”

What happened was that my wife had come back home to find me unconscious on the couch.

Turns out I collapsed in the living room after mixing Viagra, cocaine and alcohol.

I looked at her, expecting her to hand me divorce papers at any time, but instead she looked into my eyes and told me that Frank had told her everything.

She held my hand tightly and said that she’d never let me go and we’d find a way to fix this together.

I felt like I was the luckiest man with no penis alive…

But, I was too ashamed to sleep beside my wife.

After all, do I even deserve to call myself her husband?

I knew that my wife was a very sexual creature and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I married her.

And since I wasn’t giving her what she needed... eventually she’ll have to find what she needs with someone else.

I felt depressed and decided to lay on the couch alone with my iPad.

As I scrolled through the Facebook news feed I suddenly came across this amazing headline.

World’s Oldest Male Pornstar Gets Paid To Have Sex At Age 82 Using Ancient Japanese Sex Secret

My eyes lit up.

The more I read the more I was intrigued.

You see, Japanese nobility and emperors were well known for being extremely virile and having multiple concubines was the norm.

And that’s not counting their other massive harems of women, which constantly grew larger as their clan cut a swath across Japan and conquered new lands.

Each time they conquered rival clans, as a show of dominance, the victorious warlord would make it a point to impregnate each and every one of the women in the opposing clan.

But what was most impressive was that these warlord families spawned so many children, it numbered in the tens of thousands, in fact, today it is said that 1 in 150 Japanese men can trace their lineage to these ruling families.

Remember, these guys were literally killing and impregnating their way from one end of Japan to the other at a time when modern medicines and drugs like Viagra, injections and penis pumps weren’t even invented yet.

How much sex were these guys having?

This made me even more intrigued and the more I dug, the more shocked I became.

I started looking into the history behind the world’s oldest male pornstar and what I further discovered was even more astounding.

That’s when I came across this headline:

Japanese Porn Needs More Male Pornstars.

According to the article, there are only 70 or so male adult stars in Japan.

But there are at least ten thousand adult video actresses, and there are at least four thousand porno movies released every month…

Now, let’s do some quick math.

Let’s pretend each movie from the 4000 released is a simple guy on girl scene.

On average there are 3 scenes of this type in every movie.

That is 4000 multiplied by 3, coming to 12,000 scenes.

So 12,000 scenes divided by a pool of 70 guys.

This means on average a male Japanese pornstar needs to have sex 171 times a month.

Which means on average they need to have sex 5.7 times a day, assuming no one took holidays and they were having sex each and every day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week!

Also the use of Viagra and Cialis is heavily frowned upon in Japanese porn, so actors who need to rely on dick pills don’t get a lot of work.

So how the hell do these Japanese male pornstars do it completely naturally?

For the next few weeks, I became obsessed and was determined to get to the bottom of this.

After weeks of tedious research, I finally found remnants of a fertility formula recipe that was passed down in an ancient Japanese manuscript.

In fact, it was said that all the Samurai warlords and nobilities used this secret.

And further, it matched various descriptions of what current Japanese male pornstars were doing in modern times.

And I was shocked at how easy it was.

It didn’t involve annoying exercises…

It didn’t involve weird jelqing routines…

It didn’t involve eating weird herbs or anything like that.

It was 100% natural and worked better than Cialis or Viagra.

There were zero side effects.

The results were instant and automatic.

And, most importantly it was permanent!

In fact, in several clinical trials, old Japanese men from nursing homes who were completely impotent for years or decades were able reverse their condition completely within hours of using it.

What’s kinda gross was that after rediscovering the cure to ED, the nursing home had a sudden epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases.

Now I didn’t want to think too much about old people having disgusting STD sex.

I already had ED problems and didn’t need that kind of mental image.

So as soon as I could I went to the grocery store to gather all the ingredients, and that afternoon I actually tried testing it myself.

And amazingly…

Within minutes I could feel a rush of flood flowing down there!

I could physically feel the capillaries inside my penis open up and had a semi hard tingling but floppy boner within seconds.

As soon as I noticed the signs of life down, I started to watch Japanese porn to celebrate my first small erection in a long time.

And of course the first porn movie I watched starred the 82-year-old Shigeo Tokuda.

Although my initial experiment was somewhat successful it was not a resounding success.

Despite it being promising, I didn’t get the type of erection that I had desired.

It needed some extra tweaking to get “oomph” I was looking for.

I knew this was possible, because I saw it with my own eyes watching Mr Shigeo Tokuda naturally summon erections at will for a threesome.

So for the next few months I did a more research and experimentation.

Eventually I let Kiko know about my project and she was more than delighted to help me out.

To spice things up, we’d actually watch Japanese porn together to get extra ideas.

Before you know it, our sex life was starting to happen again.

Initially, I still wasn’t able to get it super hard every time, it was a lot better than before.

I also noticed that my stamina was improving and I needed a lot less time to recharge for “round two”.

My wife also commented on the size of my loads. Now they were much thicker and were more of a mouthful for her.

At first, it would take me at least 12 hours to recharge. But now, after unloading a huge satisfying load blast, I could get it up again and keep going 30 minutes later.

But I knew I could do better, I wanted to get instant rock hard throbbing erections and have the ability to summon them at will…

Just like my 82-year-old Japanese pornstar hero.

So I kept trying and trying.

Then suddenly it happened…

Finally, after making a few more adjustments to the formula, and tweaking the recipe into a delicious tasting “Sex Shake”, I was able to summon at will mighty erections stronger than Samson from the Bible.

For the next 12 hours, Kiko and I tried every sexual position we could imitate from Japanese porn, then on top of that we made up some of our own.

Round after round she challenged me…

And each time I stood up firm and strong and accepted her carnal challenge…

After hours of nonstop love making…

I proved without a shadow of my doubt to my wife, that her hero had come back from the dead.

And this was evidenced by her naked and shaking body that was drenched with sweat and covered in our love juices…

In fact, not only had I returned.

I had come back a completely changed man.

That was more than 9 months ago.

From that memorable night, I haven’t had any ED relapse either.

In fact, my erections and virility has only becoming better and better.

Now, I can call forth potent, pulsating, throbbing erections at will.

Within just seconds, I can “unlock” my new found sexual superpowers and tame my wild tiger Kiko in the sheets into submission.

My family life is now better than ever and we couldn’t be happier.

I did all of this because unlike most so called ED treatments that hide the symptoms.

I addressed ED at the root cause and permanently reversed my sexual impotency.

I didn’t have a name for it at first, but eventually I came up with “Erect At Will”.

By now, Erect At Will has helped over 13,300 men all across the world.

Every day, I receive gushing success stories from guys of all ages, from all backgrounds, who’ve experienced incredible results from this drop-dead easy secret.

In fact, Erect At Will is the actual secret currently used by top adult Japanese film stars to get the job done…

Remember, these guys on average need to have sex 5.7 times a day WITHOUT the use of dick pills.

By the way, those were guys who tried the “beta” version of Erect At Will.

Since then, Erect At Will has been upgraded and improved with more tips and tricks to get you harder than the man of steel.

This course will hold you by the hand and walk you through the steps, so within moments of getting your hands on it, you’ll be able to reverse your ED forever and become a rock-hard stud in the bedroom…

EVERY time.

It’s drop-dead simple to use.

And to make sure that your success is guaranteed, you can even contact us any time you want to ask a question about the course, or about your own situation.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Due to time limitations, I can only tell you about 10% of what you’ll discover inside the full course.

You should also know that although this is a new product, you are no guinea pig.

Before I even recorded this presentation, I’d already treated more than 13,300 men all across the world.

Remember, this is the ONLY course on the market that shows you the timeless sexual secrets used by mighty warrior warlords of old.

It’s also the “secret weapon” that the top Japanese male pornstars depend upon.

Heck, it’s also the secret method that my personal hero, Mr Shigeo Tokuda uses to get paid to have sex on camera at the age of 82.

And, it’s been proving to work for thousands of everyday men around the world, between the ages of 20 and 80.

The reason for this is simple...

Erect At Will actually permanently solve the problem at a core level.

It is not a temporary fix or a “band aid…”

Once your ED problems are reversed, they’ll be forever eradicated for good.

With a 100% success rate so far.

There are no ifs, buts or maybes.

Plus, there are ZERO side effects.

Within moments of using this, this is what your life will be like…

Imagine how confident you’ll feel when you are free from the embarrassment, the shame, the frustration...the nagging sense that you’re not “man enough” because of your limpness.

Imagine the awesome sensation you’ll have when look at any woman you desire and have your member tall, stiff and proud staring directly at her…

Imagine the look of lust and desire in her eyes as she sees your huge pulsating veiny throbbing penis ready to ravage her.

No longer will you need to come up with lame excuses for why you can’t get it up…

No longer will you need to wonder if your wife is truly satisfied with you…

No longer will you feel insecure about your manhood because now you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt you’re the only man that can satisfy her in the way she wants.

How awesome would that feel?

So you no longer feel embarrassed, ashamed and frustrated at yourself.

And what’s worst is that, it’s not like something you can control.

You are being punished by something that you didn’t even ask for.

And because of this ED curse upon your body, you’re constantly needing to make up stupid excuses to justify why you’re not capable of being a man.

If you choose to walk away and do not reverse your ED with Erect At Will…

How many lame excuses can you come up with in an attempt to “hide the problem”?

How much more do you want to disappoint your wife and leave her sexually frustrated because you can’t fulfil your basic duties as a man?

And finally, how much more time and money do you want to waste on bullshit “treatments” that only cover up the symptoms of ED, when using this you will cure your problem at its core and reverse your ED permanently?

I know you’re thinking to yourself in the back of your mind…

Right now, you’re secretly wondering and worrying if the woman that you can’t satisfy might have to go looking for someone else.

And when that day does come…

Is it really her fault?

When you’re the one that can’t actually fulfill your primary duty as her husband?

You and I both know this fact. ED isn’t a small problem you can ignore, and just hope it “goes away.”

It eats away the intimacy you once had with your wife.

It eats away at your confidence. Your manhood.

And if left untreated, it could very well cost you your marriage, your family, and everything you hold dear.

That’s why when you look at the costs involved in leaving your ED problem untreated, it can be completely devastating…physically, emotionally and financially.

Trust me, I learned the hard way, and almost paid the ultimate price.

You know my own story with ED and how sad my life was back then…

I know firsthand how just “treating” the symptoms only prolongs the pain.

So let me ask you a serious question…

What kind of value would you place for the cure to permanently eradicate your ED permanently, restore your manhood, and make your wife worship you in the bedroom as her own personal Sex God?

Some men would gladly pay a fortune for that honor…

And just think about the time and money you may have already wasted on pills, pumps or other nonsense...

Students of ours have said they would pay more than $1,997 just to get access to these secrets…

But the good news is, I’m not going to make you pay that.

I know what you’re going through...

The only difference is; I was lucky enough to stumble upon the hidden ancient secret that allowed me to develop this ED cure.

So I’m not going to ask you to pay $1,997.

It won’t be $997.

It won’t even be $197.

Your only investment today is a refundable deposit of only the price you see on this page.

This is the bare minimum I need to cover the costs of keeping this website online.

Please understand, in order to provide this information to you, I need to run and maintain this website. So every month I need to pay monthly server costs, as well as pay our customer support team to be available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But in the event that you’re not wildly thrilled with the results you get from Erect At Will, I want you to remember that your deposit is 100% refundable. You can email us and get every penny back at any time over the next 60 days.

I recommend that you access the course, learn the secrets, reverse your ED, and THEN decide whether you want your minimal deposit back. You’ve got a full 60 days to do so.

As you can see, I’ve removed all the risk from you and put it on my own shoulders.

(Currently, we’re reversing over 133 cases of ED a day, worldwide.)

If Erect At Will doesn’t give you a full, lasting erections…

And I’m not talking about just any erection, I’m talking about a thick, rock-hard “penis of steel” like you haven’t felt in YEARS…

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Fast Action Bonus #1 – “Become Her Sex Addiction” (A $47 Value)

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She’ll want and need you, morning, noon and night…and thanks to Erect At Will, your soldier will be ready to charge into battle anytime, anywhere.

So make sure you are prepared.

Next, I’m going to give you…

Fast Action Bonus #2 – “Premature Ejaculation Conqueror” (A $97 Value)

Getting hard on command is what makes you man. But staying hard long enough to rock her world is what makes you SUPERMAN.

In this exclusive report, you’re going to learn never-before-revealed tips and tricks for mastering your ejaculations, so that you never “blow it” too soon and always leave her utterly satisfied and in awe of your sexual power.

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“Erect at Will” The Permanent Erectile Dysfunction Cure ($1997 Value)

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Just Pay A One Time Amount Of $197 $37